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CIBU | California International Business University
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Leading the way in business education

California International Business University (CIBU) is a global university educating future entrepreneurs, corporate managers and those interested in a hands-on approach to business education.

The Niels Brock CIBU learning experience blends theoretical and practical learning in a professional yet trendy environment.  CIBU offers a cutting edge, global business education.

Our campus, located in the vivid yet safe downtown San Diego, and offers a friendly and familiar environment for students to learn, network and socialize.

CIBU offers a specialized educational program leading a number of degrees:

Incoming Bachelor students may be able to take advantage of a special tuition break offered only for the February, 2016 entrants.
All of our programs offer an outstanding education in key areas of business, including entrepreneurship, management, marketing, law and economics.

The programs provide students with a foundation in business accompanied by electives that offer relevant, cutting-edge strategies applicable to real-world challenges.

For detailed information on the programs and admission requirements, please go to our Academic Programs page.

News from CIBU

Responding to recent terrorist attacks

In light of the horrific terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France as well as those earlier this fall in Turkey and in spring Kenya, we wanted to reach out to you our students from across the globe. To begin, we have hundreds of alumni and numerous current students from...

Email like a professional

To email like a professional is not hard, but very important.

Written communication is a key employability skill. Here are 10 tips related to email communication that will help students make a good impression with faculty and fellow students and also give them practice for the workplace.

Business Trends, What’s Buzzing in November, 2015

Business Trends and Education News

This monthly update of business trends is created by Niels Brock CIBU’s Librarian and Learning Resource Manager, Kerry A. Lister. Here you will find what is trending, interesting and just plain helpful it today’s busy international marketplace.


CIBU is an academic institution, of course, and not a baseball team; nor does it have an event, like the World Series, watched by millions around the world. But CIBU does have much in common with baseball: it demands both intellectual and practical skills; it believes strongly that fair play and the development of good “sportsmanship,” team interaction, and innovative approaches to success are important.

Niels Brock & CIBU Make for a Great Partnership

New students enrolled in the BS degree program for February, 2016 intake will receive a spectacular deal: a tuition reduction to just $10,000 US per year for each of the four years of their program. CIBU students graduate deep in skills, rather than deep in debt. (This discount applies only to new students. Students to take a break in their studies or transfer away, lose the discount for future semesters.)