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Niels Brock/CIBU  is truly unique.  We are fully accredited, and –unlike most universities in America- we have something a bit exotic to offer. Our curriculum blends the best of both worlds. We add to the American approach to learning, a European style of teaching –founded on the Scandinavian method of collaborative learning.

What does that mean for business education?  It means our professors work together to make sure the course-work in one class aligns well with what you are learning in your other classes.  It means our teachers work together –doing their best to make sure that your work load is evenly spread across the term.  We know you can’t do your best if every instructor assigns major projects with the same due date.

It’s not just our instructors that exercise team work. Our courses promote entrepreneurship and critical thinking skills through:


You will work hand in hand with your fellow students, rather than competing against them.

A good business education requires even more . . .

So we give you more. We offer access to campuses in a growing number of countries including Vietnam, China, Myanmar, and Denmark. Our BS program is offered, in English, on all of our campuses.  Go ahead, do a year abroad.  Better yet, do two –one in Asia, one in Europe. Your program travels with you, so you won’t end up either with classes that won’t transfer, or behind in your major.  We think a study abroad program should be hassle free.

In addition, with our connections to a wide-variety of programs –including Vatel’s Hotel and Tourism Management school- whether you are ready to top-up that AA to a BS, or it’s time to earn a MBA or DBA, Niels Brock/CIBU has a program just for you.


To top it all off, we are topping up our Business Education with a very special deal, for a very special reason.

CIBU is merging with the premier Danish university Niels Brock It is through our merger that we offer students the best in International Business Education.

To celebrate, we are offering the 2015 Fall Program at an extreme discount to a limited number of students.  The first 20 American* students to enroll will receive half-off their tuition for the coming year.  To be eligible, students must 1) either be an American citizen or have a valid Green Card, and 2) have completed their first two years toward a bachelor’s degree.

We are not-for-profit. We are for you. And, we don’t think you should have to pay to see if you are qualified to join our team.  Check out how you can apply for free.

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