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Leading the way in business education

California International Business University (CIBU) is a global university educating future entrepreneurs, corporate managers and those interested in a hands-on approach to business education.

The Niels Brock CIBU learning experience blends theoretical and practical learning in a professional yet trendy environment.  CIBU offers a cutting edge, global business education.

Our campus, located in the vivid yet safe downtown San Diego, and offers a friendly and familiar environment for students to learn, network and socialize.

CIBU offers a specialized educational program leading a number of degrees:



Incoming Bachelor students may be able to take advantage of a special tuition break offered only for the February, 2016 entrants.
All of our programs offer an outstanding education in key areas of business, including entrepreneurship, management, marketing, law and economics.

The programs provide students with a foundation in business accompanied by electives that offer relevant, cutting-edge strategies applicable to real-world challenges.

For detailed information on the programs and admission requirements, please go to our Academic Programs page.

News from CIBU

Niels Brock & CIBU Make for a Great Partnership

New students enrolled in the BS degree program for February, 2016 intake will receive a spectacular deal: a tuition reduction to just $10,000 US per year for each of the four years of their program. CIBU students graduate deep in skills, rather than deep in debt. (This discount applies only to new students. Students to take a break in their studies or transfer away, lose the discount for future semesters.)

StartUp Inspirations

CIBU offers an 8-week series for seasoned professionals and those transitioning careers. This engaging, practical, and hands-on experience is perfect for those looking to change careers or StartUp a new business.
The format is active, with interaction, team segments, individual development, and peer/mentor presentations. Participants should bring pen, paper as well as laptops and/or tablet. Expect to leave with a road-map carefully tailored to your own StartUp.

CIBU students get LinkedIn to their careers

At CIBU we realize that students come to school for a reason. Getting the degree that comes with it is a major step, but it is only a step toward getting LinkedIn to the career you’ve always dreamed of

We think students should graduate career ready, which is why every quarter, we offer our students free job search and career development series.

Leadership: Does Communication Trump Everything Else?

Some say Trump’s communication is highly effective. It is spontaneous, blatantly honest, unabashedly fearless. Others, however, would argue that Trump’s communication is characterized by arrogance, narcissism, defamatory or derogatory comments on people or groups of people.
At CIBU we emphasize communication that is highly effective but also highly ethical. CIBU intends to promote honest, passionate, fearless communication wherein students can express themselves freely and openly.

Piazza Famiglia Comes to Little Italy

Little Italy has been a warm and open community for CIBU and its students. Soon there will be a whole new, and spectacular, place to hang out, enjoy a good meal and connect.

Because family is such an important element of Italian life, creating public gathering places in the neighborhood is a high priority for the Little Italy Association. It is through their brainstorming that the new Piazza Famiglia is coming to life.