Bachelor of Science in Management


CIBU’s Bachelor’s Degree is – like all CIBU’s programs – career-oriented and based on strong ties to the international market. Most of our programs do not require work placement, however many students enjoy the option of enrolling in the internship class so they can gain experience and create contacts.

CIBU’s Bachelor’s Degree program combines business education with a broad-based liberal arts foundation.  This gives students the skills and expertise necessary to advance in today’s dynamic business environment. The program emphasizes global perspectives, fosters a sense of social responsibility and develops leadership skills – all while offering the student flexibility to pursue their individual interests. In addition, they will explore the social and ethical dimensions of business and professional responsibility.

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Master of Business Administration


This popular program of study prepares students for careers in business management and the necessary skills and global orientation to succeed in the international marketplace. Elective options focus students on the diverse and fast-changing global environment and provide students with an understanding of the economic, social and technological forces shaping global markets today.

Courses focus on promoting critical thinking skills, and the blending of hands-on experiences with in-class instruction. Instructors at CIBU are typically practicing business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs, who integrate contemporary business experience into practical teaching. They also possess techniques and resources to help students who may have struggled in traditional American schools.

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