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CIBU offers both degree and non-degree programs to meet the diverse educational needs and professional goals of students. CIBU’s rigorous programs offer exceptional academic preparation, a friendly and multi-cultural student environment, and access to a thriving business community.

Non-Degree Programs

As demand for international education continues to grow around the world, CIBU has responded through the development of innovative programs designed to offer a variety of options to an increasing number of students.

Business Fundamentals and Skills

The Business Fundamentals and Skills Certificate program (BFS) is designed to offer students of all backgrounds choice and flexibility in terms of study program, while at the same time building upon their formative business knowledge and practice. BFS students can improve their English language skills while gaining greater insight into their individual abilities as working professionals.

Tourism Hospitality Certificate Program – Vatel

The Tourism Hospitality Certificate Program is designed to offer students with foundational business knowledge and practice to improve their English language skills while gaining greater insight into their individual abilities as working professionals in the hospitality industry. This blend of theory and practice is uniquely designed to build student confidence using a variety of methods that includes team projects, presentations, guest speakers, case studies, research, and visits to local hospitality venues, businesses, travel destination, and cultural interests. Students will complete a three-month internship in a course-related field. This certificate program experience will facilitate the option of applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which gives eligible candidates permission to work for up to one full year in the United States.


Bachelor of Science in International Management (BSIM)

The BSIM is an outstanding broad-based education in general management. The core-courses in this major give students a comprehensive background in the key functional areas of business, law, and economics. This program provides students with a solid analytical business foundation and the electives offer relevant, cutting-edge business strategies applicable to real-world organizational challenges

Bachelor of Science in International Management (BSIM) – Vatel

The BSIM-Vatel  is a four-year degree that fosters a strong foundation in hotel management, leadership, operations, and entrepreneurship. Courses are balanced between academic theory and professional practice including core-courses in the key functional areas of business, law and economics. Students acquire a spectrum of hospitality knowledge from understanding food and beverage and guest service operations, to learning how to analyze a profit and loss sheet, roll out a marketing strategy, organize event, and recruit a talented workforce.


Master of Science in International Management (MSIM)

This program is designed for those interested in leadership roles in international businesses and organizations. Global issues are integrated throughout the curriculum and are examined in the course electives. Graduates will master the basic tools and be able to apply cutting-edge business strategies. This degree prepares students to thrive in diverse work environments and face organizational strategies.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA program prepares students for careers in business and provides them with the necessary skills and global orientation to succeed in the international marketplace. The elective options focus students on the diverse and fast-changing global environment and provide students with an understanding of the economic, social and technological forces shaping global markets today.

The MBA-Vatel is the CIBU two-year degree with a special emphasis in hotel management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Courses are balanced between academic theory and professional practice. Students directly apply their knowledge through hands-on, professional experience with the opportunity of a one-year optional paid practical training position (OPT). Contact between students and professionals facilitate internship placements as well as the possibility of recruitment upon graduation.

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

This is the terminal degree in the field of Business Administration for those wishing to pursue a career in areas such as teaching, research, consulting and upper-level business and/or university administration. CIBU is one of the few ACICS approved universities for the DBA program in the United States. Only a small percentage of qualified students ever achieve this significant level of success.



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