Greetings CIBU Alumni

Our Alumni are the key to our school’s future, our current students and our past. Won’t you take a moment and stay in touch? We would really appreciate hearing from you. As part of our compliance for our University accreditation, we are required to report various information from our graduates. This information is very important to complete our annual ACICS Accreditation Report and it is kept in strictest confidentiality

We have attached a link to a survey that will just take a few minutes to complete. It would be a great service to us if you could complete it. Your responses are highly valued and will assist CIBU in making changes and improvements in programs, courses and services.

Thank you. We appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback.

You can help in other ways too. Undergraduates are always looking for places to intern, graduates are looking for new jobs, and everyone is looking for inspiration.  We’ve love to hear from you.  What are you doing now?  Where has your education and career taken you? Perhaps you’d write us a short article about your job, or perhaps you’d let us profile you –right here on our website.