Buddy Team Applier Program

The Buddy Team Applier Program, also known as the Buddy Program allows an applicant and a friend to apply and study at California International Business University (CIBU) together – at a discounted tuition.

Under this program, an applicant and his or her friend may apply to the same educational program and attend courses at the same time – for a discounted tuition. The applicant and his or her friend would pay tuition for one educational program (and not two).

This program applies only to new applicants applying to a degree program at CIBU. The published tuition in the school catalog and on the website, will determine Buddy Program tuition guidelines.  All applicants must meet the admissions requirements for their chosen degree program. Students who apply under this program will receive their course schedule on or before university orientation. Contact marcus.benniefield@cibu.edu for more information. Program applies to Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration. Program limited to San Diego County Residents only.

Offer expires August 1, 2018


Buddy Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your buddy is on Title IV, he/she will have the option to return any excess funds to the Department of Education or retain the funds for school/living expenses.
If your buddy drops out of the buddy program, the two-for-one offer becomes void. Future tuition fees would not qualify for the two-for-one offer. The student would not have to pay for any past tuition that was covered under the buddy program, prior to the buddy dropping out.
When you and your buddy enroll in the buddy program, the two-for-one prices are valid for the entire program. If a buddy drops out/withdrawals from the university, the buddy program offer is no longer valid – effective the last date of the withdrawn student’s attendance. Students may pay tuition online at www.cibu.edu. Students pay every semester, during the registration period – before the start of the semester.
The Buddy Program offer is good until August 1, 2018 – for the Fall 2018 incoming students.
No. An applicant and his or her buddy may only apply to the same educational program.
The Buddy Program applies to the entire program’s tuition. An applicant and his or her buddy can save up to $26,000 each – for the bachelor’s degree. An applicant and his or her buddy can save up to $13,000 each – for the master’s degree. *Full bachelor’s degree cost $52,000 in tuition. Full master’s degree cost $26,000 in tuition.