President’s Message


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of California International Business University (CIBU). It is my honor and privilege to introduce our Catalog and Student Handbook.

I am very pleased with our offer of programs and educational services. The purpose of this catalog is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the school’s curricula, its services and policies. As with any document, you may have questions and we are happy to answer any you may have at our offices or via telephone at (619) 702-9400 or email at or review our website at

CIBU has always had a very specific mission and vision in mind. It is to encourage and foster the development of an international perspective and the necessary educational experience to prepare its graduates to function effectively, responsibly, and respectfully in the growing transnational world of commerce. To that end, we are committed to providing an outstanding learning environment both in and out of the classroom with a global and real-world experienced faculty, in a mutually supportive student and faculty community

As part of the overall mission, we focus on the international business world. We pay particular attention to providing our students with the cultural understanding and effective communications strategies for the challenges of the changing global commerce. All of our programs, both degree and non-degree, as well as our certificates and other educational services, including each class, lecture, event, and initiative, have that mission in mind. You will find our programs are packed with basic business concepts and leadership skills woven together with the worldly perspective necessary for a truly global citizen. And we do this in a friendly family-style environment to initiate our students more gently into the world.

Important to note, following several years of collaboration and exchange, CIBU has joined with Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, creating a unique Danish-American business educational institution in America’s Finest City. Given the linkage with Niels Brock, the most innovative and international business college in Denmark, CIBU will provide the best possible international business-learning environment a student could hope for.

Whether you join the CIBU community for your entire academic career or as a short-term student, you will walk away uniquely informed and with a broader perspective of the world we all live in and work in.


Rasmus Wendt