Computer & Printer Use

To use CIBU’s computers for printing you must pay the printing fee and turn in the Computer and Printer Policy Agreement Form to the front desk. The form can also be obtained at the library and front desk.

The Computer use policy is detailed below:

Printer Fee: $5 per quarter/ 200 pages

  • The CIBU Library computers are the only computers on campus available to CIBU students and are available during library hours.
  • CIBU will not be responsible for loss of data. It is your responsibility to maintain periodic backups of your data.
  • There is ABSOULTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED NEAR THE COMPUTERS – this includes bottled water and drinks in a covered cup.
  • You will be asked to leave the computer area if you are using the computers or printer in a manner deemed “inappropriate”.
    • Inappropriate behavior consists of looking at material which may be offensive to other individuals such as pornographic, violent, hateful, and rude material.
    • Do not change any of the computer or printer settings.
    • CIBU reserves the right to suspend computer access to anyone who participates in any inappropriate activities while using the computers or printer without refunding the printer use fee.

Please keep noise to a minimum and if you have been on the computer for longer than 15 minutes and see someone is waiting to use the computer you must get off the computer.

If you need any help of have questions email