Faculty & Staff

Our Faculty

Our faculty members are duly qualified and are drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines and serve as advisors in guiding and assisting our students toward the completion of their specific educational programs. CIBU recognizes our faculty members as being instrumental in fulfilling our commitment of developing tomorrow’s global business leaders today.

Our faculty uses the Scandinavian methodology for teaching. That means your teachers work together so that your course work in all of your classes relates to each other. We even collaborate to make sure your workload is evenly spread across all your classes and across your semester.

University Administration 

Anya Eskildsen – President/ Chief Executive Officer

Rasmus Wendt, PhD – Deputy President

Brian Hawkins – Dean of Student Affairs & Special Programs, Bachelor’s and MBA Administrator

Anne Hyrup Madsen – Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Benniefield – Doctoral Program Administrator, Compliance Officer

Nicole Wittenborg – Ädmissions and Recruitment Officer

Amy Culley – Registrar/Principal Designated School Official, Administrative Officer

April Anderson – Librarian/Information Resource Manager

Prasha Singh – Comptroller

Faculty Members:

Jessica Talia, Ph.D.
Eddie Sturgeon, J.D.
Carol Stachwick, B.Sc.
Avneet Sidhu, LL.B., M.A.
Georg Schlueter, Ph.D.
Susi Haugh, M.Ed.
Dan Ershadi, M.B.A.
Peter McLaughlin, J.D.
Robin Heckler, M.B.A
Tem E. Bugarin, D.B.A.
Brian P. Hawkins, M.B.A
Lewis Baker, M.B.A.
Jannet Armendariz, M.Ed.
R. David Flesh, M.B.A.
Julie Ensign, M.B.A.