Academic Support

In an effort to help students gain the most from their study program, CIBU has created 2 opportunities in which students can enhance their English skills while studying for a business certificate.

The FocusEnglish program is geared for students who need a little extra guidance with language challenges encountered   on a day-to-day basis, both inside and outside of the classroom. This afternoon workshop will zero in on specific questions students have, clarifying grammar, understanding vocabulary, refining pronunciation, practicing presentations, etc. Students will receive help to further their confidence and eagerness to participate in conversations in a small, supportive environment free of intimidation.

Conversation Station offers an informal environment two afternoons a week in which students can refine their English speaking simply by conversing with others about a variety of topics.   Each 2-hour workshop is facilitated by a strong speaker of English, who will allow students to suggest interesting current events to discuss. Come and relax, enjoy refreshments and learn about other cultures and people in this fun, interactive arena.