Office of Career Services

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Take advantage of our workshops and counseling to help get you headed in the right direction for OPT, internship, career choices after graduation, or just plain preparation for life.

CIBU offers the following free to our students.   Keep your eyes open for times, dates, and location of workshops.

Conducting a job search – Where do I begin?  What jobs are out there?  Who’s hiring, who’s not?   This workshop will cover the important aspects involved in conducting a job search that’s right for you!   Learn how to maximize your time and effort to identify an effective strategy to help you get one step closer to your long term career goals

Personality and strengths assessments – Who are you?  What do you have to offer that others don’t?   Hiring managers are always impressed with candidates who know themselves well, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they can bring to the table that will benefit the company.  This workshop will feature assessments and analysis to help you make sense of your results.

Resume-writing techniques – Every country has a different approach to writing a resume, and the U.S. is no exception.   The American approach is based on equal opportunity, as well as the marketing of your best assets.  Come find out how this is done.  Having  a good, effective, professional, flawless resume is an integral step in the job search process.

How to develop your global network  – Research shows that 67% of jobs are landed through one’s network.  International students have both a disadvantage being from a foreign country, and an advantage that locals do not.   This workshop will help you identify ways to cultivate your network, and use all means available to you to connect with the right people.

Interviewing A-Z  – What can I expect in this foreign environment? How do I dress?  What do I say?  The interview  process can be daunting enough without worrying about these issues, so prepare yourself with information regarding these basics.  You’ll be able to participate in role-play to help practice! You’ll come away with more confidence, and be able to  focus on your conversation with the managers and recruiters involved.

  • Visa issues-How will this affect my search?  You may have questions about what your visa allows in terms of pay, length of stay, etc.    Get your questioned asked  and answered in this workshop.
  • Negotiating a salary-How much should I expect? And how do I go about asking for this?    There’s data available for you in this area!   Learn how to research and identify the standards for your industry, education, skills, etc, and some of the technique and verbiage involved when it comes to the important aspect of pay.
  • Grad-school – is it the right move for me?    This depends on your long-term career and personal goals.   Come and discuss your own personal situation and get some good, sound advice to help you make a decision.

CIBU’s Career Services Counselors are available to help support you through The maze of career choices, and determine a strategy that’s right for you.

Contact Director of Student Affairs, Brian Hawkins, at for more information.