Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

CIBU believes that a good education should be in reach for everyone, so we strive to keep our tuition fees and costs as low as possible.  We are confident that you will come to believe that our programs represent a great educational value.

Bachelor of Science in Management

Tuition Fee per semester $6,500

(Covers 3 courses each 4 US Credits)

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Tuition Fee per semester $6,500

Tuition Payment

Other Fees

Administrative Fee: $250

Paypal Transaction Fee: 4% (included in PayPal transaction)

Late Tuition Fee: please inquire

Wire-Transfer Fee (please inquire): $50

*Please note: International students who have paid for their first semester, but fail to be granted a student visa for U.S.A. will receive a refund, less an administration fee of $250.00.

Please Note:

Not all countries allow students to make payments via PayPal.  However, PayPal works very hard to assist its customers.  Should you incur any problems, please call:  1 (888) 221-1161 and someone can walk you through how to make payments.

If the problem cannot be resolved, please contact us to make arrangements to pay via wire transfer.

Administrative Fee (+4%)