Working in the U.S.

CIBU students have the opportunity to work in the United States through a variety of programs.

Business Internship

Offered to:

  • Students earning BSM (Business Internship is a core requirement.)
  • Students earning MBA (Business Internship is an elective.)

This work experience is unpaid, for which the student will earn 5 credits.  They will be prepared and supported with a series of career preparation workshops:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Networking, researching and applying for positions
  • Interviewing and following up

Work in the United States via Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Offered to students studying for a minimum of:

  • BSIM      6 quarters    (Junior and Senior Year. CPT available at beginning of senior year.)
  • MBA       5 quarters   (CPT available at beginning of second quarter.)

To work in the United States via the CPT program, the following guidelines apply:

  • Students must achieve and maintain a GPA of 3.0.
  • Students must enroll in CIBU 480 for undergraduate students and CIBU 680 for graduate students.
  • Students must obtain a letter of recommendation from one of their CIBU instructors, attesting to the student’s level of professional commitment.
  • Students must complete the Career Prep Workshop Series prior to applying.
  • Students must pursue job opportunities and work with Career Services department to ensure a good fit that satisfies requirements for a business-oriented experience.
  • Student must provide proper documentation from employer, verifying opportunity.
  • CIBU Designated School Official (DSO) must sign I-20.
  • The CPT experience offers students the opportunity to work and get paid while still a student.    They may work up to 20 hours per week (part-time), or between 21 and 28 hours per week (full- time).  CIBU’s CPT program requires a commitment of at least 120 hours to the employer, and must be completed 2 weeks prior to student’s graduation.    Student must then submit a final report, along with proper documented support from employer.

Optional  Practical Training (OPT)

Offered to any student completing one full academic year of study of a certificate or degree program*. Note: Students who have worked full- time on CPT for 365 days are no longer eligible to apply for OPT.

Students may apply for OPT and, if approved, can work anywhere in the U.S. for one full year within their field of study, getting paid for their work.   Upon completion of one year, students must pursue another option to remain in the country, or return home.