A day in San Diego as an international student

How does an ordinary day in San Diego as a Bachelor in Business Administration student look like? Read the story of an International student’s day in San Diego.

We asked one of our female students in San Diego to tell us about her day.. She is 23 years old and comes from Denmark. “I always wanted to travel the entire world and learn about how to have a Business on my own – I think the combination of college and traveling is unique”


9.00 AM My alarm goes off: It’s time to wake up! I live together with my best friend at a student dormitory in the neighborhood of Little Italy in San Diego. I usually wake up and eat man avocado toast. Often I choose to eat something healthy in the morning.

9:40 AM Time for school: California International Business University (CIBU) is right in the city center of San Diego, it’s very close to the student dormitory. On the way to school, I buy a coffee – I always try out different coffee shops. There are some really nice pop-up coffee places in San Diego. I would advise anyone staying in San Diego to try out different coffee shops.

10:00 AM I’m off to my first class: Business Economics. In this class, we learn about how businesses manage their accounts and gain profits. Classes are small and there is space for dialogue between the students and the teacher, which is a Scandinavian way of teaching. In class, I find it amazing that the teaching is student-centered and there are open debates during class.

11:00 AM Today we have an “experiential learning” school trip where we’re visiting local businesses. This means we really get “behind the scenes” and learn how the theory works in practice. Today’s visit was to Liberty Market – which is a street food market. Here we learn about how it is to start a company. When we have company visits they are centered around different themes. Today’s visit was about how it is to start a company in a different country. We tried the different Food Trucks on the market and I had a great time with my fellow students. During these company visits, we learn how to navigate the fields of finance, marketing, and hospitality management.

16:00 PM Time to head home, our professors drove us back to the student dormitory. The professors at CIBU are really nice and you get a close relationship with them.

17:00 PM When I’m home from college I often workout or experience the city. I always try to have my eyes and ears open so I can experience new and exciting places. I’m especially interested in art and historical places – of which San Diego has plenty to offer

18:00 PM I finish my homework and prepare for my next day at college. I find it important to do well for my future career.

19:00 PM I eat my dinner together with my roomie. I usually cook  Spaghetti Bolognese or Salads. Sometimes we also try the many restaurants in our neighborhood. The student dormitory is placed in the area called Little Italy – there are many amazing restaurants here, most of them Italian!  

22.00 PM – It’s 22.00 PM and time for bed, productive days like these make me tired. I usually want to sleep a little early so I´m ready for the next day. Good night, I’m ready for the next!


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