What better way to learn about business management than to see it in action?

CIBU instructors are always looking for new ways to learn the old tricks today’s businesses use to stay on top. We know that good students often have very different learning styles. So, we strive to give you more than just what a good textbook or dynamic lecture can provide.

When ever possible, we re-enforce in class instruction through:

  • Guest speakers -who practice in the field being studied
  • Trips to local –and sometimes not-so-local—businesses
  • Projects incorporating commonly used practices –such as business plans, strategic marketing campaigns, elevator pitches
  • Collaboration opportunities

So what does that mean exactly? Perhaps your class will visits one of the small shops within walking distance of campus, where you will have the chance to meet and connect with an entrepreneurial business owner who pursued a dream and then worked hard to achieve it.

Or perhaps one of our graduates might come to class and share their stories on immigrating to the US –describing their challenges, setbacks, competition, marketing efforts and successes as they strive to create new business here.

But Business Management is all about ‘doing,’ so CIBU makes sure our students can.

Rather than long essays, you may be assigned a project that results in your creating real-world business tools, such as an elevator pitch, videos, strategic marketing communications, or business plans.

Students maybe show how to apply their business knowledge and persuasive techniques to promote a new product or service of their choice through activities such as:

  • role-plays
  •  case studies
  • presentations
  • interactive games

We encourage our students to demonstrate creativity to solve problems and utilize resources. We carefully guide you as you participate in self-assessment, learn research and networking techniques, create resumes, conduct mock interviews and discuss proper etiquette and dress within the context of job search.