Business Fundamentals and Skills

Learn about U.S. and Global Business and Culture!

Business Fundamentals and Skills helps students at every academic level build a foundation for their professional future. The program is ideal for students who want a strong foundation in both U.S. and global business culture and U.S. culture overall.

Business Fundamentals and Skills is designed to offer students choice and flexibility in terms of study program, while at the same time building upon their business knowledge and competencies by delving deeper into subject matters, such as business economics, marketing, information technology, and other business and cultural related subjects (depending on the length of their study).  Students will gain an understanding of self and further their employability through a variety of teaching methodologies that include team projects, presentations, guest speakers, case studies, research, and visits to local businesses and cultural interests. Students will analyze their strengths and weaknesses in preparation for leadership roles, gain knowledge and skills in important business subjects, and develop a global cultural awareness through this interactive program.


Please note that applying credits earned at CIBUs degree programs (accredited by ACICS) for admission to another institution is a decision exclusively made by the university or college to which the student applies. CIBU makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of credits earned in the degree programs.

Students, who want to apply credits are encouraged to check transferability prior to applying for the bachelor and master programs.

Sample Curriculum

  • Business Economics
  • International Economics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Math
  • History and Cultural Understanding
  • Critical Thinking


The Business Fundamentals and Skills class schedule includes approximately 20-25 hours of classroom time per week. The program length options are variable and can be extended from 8 weeks to 13 weeks.

Tuition Fees

  • 8-week = $2100 (activity fee $100)
  • 13-week = $2800 (activity fee $200)
  • Tuition covers all course materials and textbooks. The Activity fee covers additional expenses involved in experiential learning such as group transportation, venue entry fees, guides and the Retreat (only offered in the semester long programs).

To Qualify

To be eligible you must provide:

  • BFS Application
  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of Financial Responsibility
  • English proficiency
  • High School Graduation or Equivalent

Please review the catalog for further information about admission requirements.

Expect to have fun!

There is more to business than what happens while you are sitting behind a desk. Incorporated into your BFS program are some fun events. Perhaps you’ll go camping in the nearby mountains or deserts, or enjoy a bonfire on the beach or take a walking tour of beautiful San Diego. Being able to socialize and network in a culturally appropriate manner is just one more thing you’ll have the chance to explore in this innovative and career based program