Refer a friend to CIBU and earn $100

Did you know that you are a member of a community of more than 3,000 alumni, across 80+ nations?

Your memories and the lessons that you learned – while a student at California International Business University (CIBU) – are precious, and, we would love to extend an offer for you to share those memories and the valuable experiences that you received with family, friends, associates, and neighbors, and whom may be looking for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Our Refer-a-Friend Program offers you and a prospective student (that you refer) a gift card – valued at $100. When you refer a friend that attends CIBU, you get to share more than the gift of experience and education.

We are a global family, we are CIBU, and we thank you in advance for considering and reconnecting!


Simply refer us – via personal conversations, your social connections (such as email, Facebook, or other) to your friends/family/colleagues. If your referral signs up to our Bachelor in Business Administration or MBA program, mentioning he/she was referred by you, you’ll receive a $100 gift card from us.

Contact us via email if you have any questions:


$100 gift card too or is it only the alumni who refers the friend – that gets the gift? Each receive $100 gift card.
The new student must enroll in a program and cannot have enrolled in a program within the last 6 months.  The new student must meet the admission requirements to enroll in a program before September 4, 2018.  The new student must meet admission requirements and all acceptance are subject to approval.  The new student must remain enrolled for 90 days and pay the fees and charges due upon enrollment.  Upon satisfaction of the above requirements, the gift card will be given to the new student and the referring student after 90 days of the new student’s enrollment.
Students can refer once a year. Alumni do not have a maximum.
Visa gift card.

Can it be used for anything and how long is it valid?
Anywhere Visa is accepted. Valid for five years.

Either the alumni or new student should send the email to Both parties sending an email is not required.